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I’m a guy with a bag of pencils (and sometimes pens) and work on my drawing craft when time fits.  There are plenty of life’s absurdities and I try to point them out, and besides, it’s good therapy!

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(7/11/19):  Jeffrey Epstein has put a new spin on the profile of pedophile.  I wonder how many other of his wealthy brethren are complicit?

(6/29/19):  Two cartoons, all in the subject matter of the criminal, immoral and disgusting treatment of children at our border.  If you’re a Trump supporter, all I have to ask is “What the f— is wrong with you?”

(6/21/19):  The secret of the Trump Administration decision-making is revealed.  Take a spin then tweet.

(5/31/19):  More tariff madness from the Trump kakistocracy.  Tariffs address nothing (except maybe indulge bluster), raise prices and tank markets due to uncertainty.  But I’ve come to expect it from this ding-a-ling.

(5/25/19):  After reading an NPR article (link is provided below), the irony struck me – we can all be refugees, albeit with different reasons.

(5/24/19):  Amtrak 501’s inaugural run ended in tragedy, the result of a critical mass of a hurried rollout and bad judgement.    The NTSB has complete their report and changes have been implemented; that doesn’t stop our local State Senator from trying to form a “legislative committee” to veto new transit proposals.  It’s a dumb idea, it assumes legislators have the expertise (doubtful) and puts too much power in their hands as a result.  Perhaps the legislature should clean their own house first and deal with the white supremacist in their midst who is advocating violence first (“bloodshed or Liberty”, indeed).

(5/21/19):  A bit of humor.  Ned was a skeptic at heart, but his embrace of idioms was becoming problematic.

(5/19/19):  Amidst all the Alabama Abortion Law coverage is the recently passed Georgia law, which is no better.  It creates a “conspiracy” charge for women who wish to leave the state to obtain an abortion, as well as anyone who helps them.  It effectively codifies women in Georgia as property of the state.  Let freedom ring, eh?

(5/11/19):  The meat-ax approach to tariffs by the Trump administration hurts consumers with higher prices, damages corporate supply chains, devastates farmers and domestic manufacturers who can’t sell their products overseas.  Finesse is involved, however the lack of competency with this administration negates that, so we effectively have a “Trump tax” with the sleight-of-hand of a pickpocket.

(4/19/19):  In a rather insipid and tactless floor speech, Sen. Walsh of Walla Walla (R – Trump Farm Team) characterizes nurses as “spending most of their time playing cards”.  The nurses aren’t taking it kindly.  No word if Walsh will continue her stand-up routine, conflating cops with donuts, firefighters with driving fire trucks to the store and migrants being evil (oh, wait, that’s a GOP platform plank).  If she don’t get it with what nurses do, she should get out.

(4/18/19):  Gov. Dunleavy’s ferry cuts, only this time affecting the SW Alaska route.  They’re just as vulnerable, maybe more so.

(4/10/19):  We’re growing fast here, and things are getting unmanageable.  Zoning is always contentious, I’ve always wondered if there was a study to juxtapose campaign contributions with how things pan out.

(4/1/19)  My friends in Alaska are experiencing the Trump farm team with their new Gov. Dunleavy.  He promised a lot, and has changed his tune, including eliminating the ferry system – the lifeblood of the coastal communities.  Here’s what Alaska would look like if eliminating the ferry system was compared to the road system.

(4/1/19) The Department of Homeland Security resigns.  Or is fired. Who knows.  The complaint from Trump is she wasn’t “tough enough.”

Our Governor, has considered throwing his hat in the ring as a candidate for President in 2020, with climate change as his major theme.  It may be a good thing, without dealing with it, all the other points may be moot.

Our idiot-in-chief manufactures a partial government shutdown for his ego-driven piece of work, the “wall”.  This pretty much sums up the logic.

Nancy Pelosi, now Speaker of the House, currently has more balls than any man in the White House.  There was a song by the Ozark Mtn. Daredevils, with apologies to them, I stole a line that kind of sets the stage.

You’d be hard pressed to find more of a racist piece of work in Congress than Steve King from Iowa.  Thankfully (I think), the GOP leadership gave him a slap on the wrist, taking away his committee assignments for his insipid comments.  I  only hope Iowa voters can make a perform a more substantial act.

(1/25/19):  The shutdown continues and federal employees (air traffic controllers, Coast Guard, food inspectors, courts) aren’t getting paid.   Something to consider before you eat, drink, boat – or fly.

So 45 thinks “walls” work.  Like the one in San Antonio.  Local must be wondering if they’ve missed something (SA is over 150 miles away from the border).

I read an NPR.org article recently, it said 129 people have filed to run for President in 2020 (and the article was from May 2017!).  Over 1,700 ran for President in 2016; in my estimation 1,699 of them would have been better that the buffoon we’ve ended up with.