Editorial and Political Cartoons

I’m a guy with a bag of pencils (and sometimes pens) and work on my drawing craft when time fits.  There are plenty of life’s absurdities and I try to point them out, and besides, it’s good therapy for a crazy world.

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(1/26/20):  Still healing up from some minor surgery and the fog is starting to clear.  Here’s a take on recent baseball news; it appears Jones, in his World Series aspirations, is going about things the wrong way.  Apparently so were the Astros.

(12/30/19):  I never have understood the relationship between the lies and immorality of Trump and the evangelicals, but pardon me if I don’t step foot in your church for a while.

(12/20/19):  I may have to try this on my dandelions next spring.  It may be cheaper than buying the real thing.

(12/20/19):  How much nicer it would be if we just picked up after ourselves.  They can’t do it on their own.

(12/8/2019):  So out of nowhere (but presumably, possibly, while sitting on the pot at 2 a.m. tweeting), Dear Leader says we waste water by flushing too much.  The metaphor is way too “ripe” to resist.  Make sure to use some air freshener!

(12/5/2019):  An apt metaphor for current political discourse.

(12/2/2019):  Yet another initiative in our fine state from our tax-avenging crusader.  Just like in previous editions, the “kitchen sink” approach collides with the “single subject” clause in the State Constitution.