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I’m a retired guy with a bag of pencils (and now some pens!); and there seems to always be plenty of things to sketch about and continue to work on my craft.  I try to capture life’s absurdities and am a staunch defender of the 1st Amendment.  It’s also good therapy!  If you’re a publisher or other interested party and want to use a cartoon, please credit authorship and/or email me at dennis at dennistownsend dot org.  Of course, your ideas and comments are always welcome.  (PS:  email me, as my comment section has been turned off due to them being flooded with Russian (.ru) email gibberish.  For an archive of my older cartoons, click here:  http://dennistownsend.org/editorial-and-political-cartoons-archive/

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Happy New Year!  Here are some cartoons  published since the first of the year.

Our Governor, has considered throwing his hat in the ring as a candidate for President in 2020, with climate change as his major theme.  It may be a good thing, without dealing with it, all the other points may be moot.

Our idiot-in-chief manufactures a partial government shutdown for his ego-driven piece of work, the “wall”.  This pretty much sums up the logic.

Nancy Pelosi, now Speaker of the House, currently has more balls than any man in the White House.  There was a song by the Ozark Mtn. Daredevils, with apologies to them, I stole a line that kind of sets the stage.

You’d be hard pressed to find more of a racist piece of work in Congress than Steve King from Iowa.  Thankfully (I think), the GOP leadership gave him a slap on the wrist, taking away his committee assignments for his insipid comments.  I  only hope Iowa voters can make a perform a more substantial act.

(1/25/19):  The shutdown continues and federal employees (air traffic controllers, Coast Guard, food inspectors, courts) aren’t getting paid.   Something to consider before you eat, drink, boat – or fly.

So 45 thinks “walls” work.  Like the one in San Antonio.  Local must be wondering if they’ve missed something (SA is over 150 miles away from the border).

I read an NPR.org article recently, it said 129 people have filed to run for President in 2020 (and the article was from May 2017!).  Over 1,700 ran for President in 2016; in my estimation 1,699 of them would have been better that the buffoon we’ve ended up with.