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I’m a retired guy with a bag of pencils (and now some pens!); and there seems to always be plenty of things to sketch about and continue to work on my craft.  I try to capture life’s absurdities (and there’s a lot to catch!), am a staunch defender of the 1st Amendment.  If you’re a publisher or other interested party and want to use a cartoon, please email me at dennis at dennistownsend dot org – or at least credit authoriship.  Of course, your ideas and comments are always welcome.  (PS:  email me, as my comment section has been turned off due to them being flooded with Russian (.ru) email gibberish. (5/8/18).  I have older cartoons archived at this page, too:  http://dennistownsend.org/editorial-and-political-cartoons-archive/

I’m delighted to have been accepted into the Association of American Political Cartoonists as an associate member.  There is a plethora of funny editorial cartoons (that are refreshed daily)  at  their website at www.editorialcartoonists.com.

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(7/11/18):  So Trump, at the urging of Rep. Greg Walden and other campaign contributors, pardons the Hammonds.  Next time he wants to remind us of the ‘rule of law’, remind him he just pardoned arsonists.


(7/11/18):  Somehow, incarcerating children was purported to be “biblical.”  Won’t find me in their church anytime soon.

(7/11/18):  After a month-long vacation, I’ve dusted off the pencils and pens again.  I found that driving and drawing don’t mix…  Inspired by a sign I saw on a mid-western freeway at 80 mph, so I don’t know if it was spelled correctly or not – but it sure gave some ideas!


(6/8/2018):  Outtakes from the Trump University Curriculum.

(5/25/18):  Nothing can be louder than the sound of a dog-whistle word slamming a mind shut.

(5/25/18):  Don’t just read/watch one thing to validate your prejudices, read a lot.  You may say others are biased, but you won’t know if you don’t expand your horizons.


(5/25/18):  The NFL bows to Trump, and in the interest of celebrating freedom, will stifle dissent.

(5/17/18):  It’s baffling to me to hear of polls and news reports of evangelical Christians flocking to a lying, unethical womanizer and charlatan as their hope and leader.  Frankly, in many eyes it makes the church a caricature of Trump.