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I’ve been sketching a few years now; it’s good therapy and exercise of free speech.  Don’t let anyone take that right from you.   I recommend visiting the AAEC website for cartoons and free press info:  www.editorialcartoonists.com

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(4/18/2020):  Like many of you, the virus has my wife and I sequestered; we do venture out to Safeway and Costco for provisions, but retirement has prepped us for staying indoors (although we do walk around the neighborhood daily).  It’s also a great time to read and sketch cartoons; the daily misadventures of this lurid peep show out of the White House provides plenty of subject matter:

4/17/2020:  So it looks like Trump, with a tweet of “liberate” (name the state) has called for insurrection.  I’m not sure everyone will follow suit.

(4/16/2020):  The Post Office, hamstrung by a mandate for front-fund health coverage and pensions, apparently will run out of cash by June.  So let’s bail out the cruise ship industry, who evades U.S. taxes by registering in Panama and the Bahamas.

(4/15/2020):  The residential building industry is insisting they can “safely” maintain social distancing if their work is allowed to continue.  Well, if you’ve ever been on a job site with the shared saws, tools, scaffolds and portable toilets, the argument is invalid.  What they do have is political contributions, and sadly, most of our electeds here will bend over for them.


(3/25/2020):  On a lighter note; my wife and I are birders and we’re lucky to have a wetland out back that supports many types:  ducks, jays, chickadees, doves, woodpeckers, flickers and the ubitquitous junco, that enjoys our plentiful feeders.  With our current confinement and feeding habits, though we may have to lay off a bit.  😀

(3/22/2020):  A wild couple weeks with an angry bug sweeping the world.  What better time than to draw cartoons!  Here are a few:

The phenomenon of hoarding toilet paper escapes me.  It seems like crisis is an excuse for everyone to need more, except maybe for those who need it most:

Schools, being closed, are trying online classes or contact over the phone.  Our local district has been ahead of the game, all of the kids have laptops and connections as part of the overall curriculum – although some may not get with the new program:

With the continuing directives of “social distancing” and “self-isolation” in response to the virus epidemic, it seems I have an “incredible shrinking front door”.  You can use the back door, but head out only if you must and keep your distance.


This really makes me angry.  At least four U.S. Senators (Inhofe – OK, Loeffler – GA, Burr-NC and Feinstein-CA, the first three R’s and one D) cashed in on the intelligence briefing of the coronoavirus, dumping stocks.  Burr even briefed wealthy donors with the inside information prior to the public.  You can write and tell them how you feel, just make sure you use the salutation “The Honorable” (sarcasm).   Our United States Congress is infected with weasels, whores and maggots – and this is emblematic of it.


(3/2/2020):  After a nice road trip vacation, my pencils missed me.

The Super Tuesday results are in:  cue the recycled Hunter Biden dirt in 3, 2, 1, …..

(2/11/20):  It’s tough to run against a government employee, especially when they have the in-kind contribution of taxpayer-paid heat, lights,  and office.

(2/10/20):  Emboldened by acquittal, the destruction of democracy and raiding of the treasury continues.  Just keep tossing shiny objects to distract folks.

(1/29/20):  The bombshell draft of Bolton’s book is out; it will be interesting if Senate Republicans will take notice.  I hear there’s audiobook editions and braille.  😀

(1/26/20):  Still healing up from some minor surgery and the fog is starting to clear.  Here’s a take on recent baseball news; it appears Jones, in his World Series aspirations, is going about things the wrong way.  Apparently so were the Astros.

(12/30/19):  I never have understood the relationship between the lies and immorality of Trump and the evangelicals, but pardon me if I don’t step foot in your church for a while.

(12/20/19):  I may have to try this on my dandelions next spring.  It may be cheaper than buying the real thing.

(12/20/19):  How much nicer it would be if we just picked up after ourselves.  They can’t do it on their own.

(12/8/2019):  So out of nowhere (but presumably, possibly, while sitting on the pot at 2 a.m. tweeting), Dear Leader says we waste water by flushing too much.  The metaphor is way too “ripe” to resist.  Make sure to use some air freshener!

(12/5/2019):  An apt metaphor for current political discourse.

(12/2/2019):  Yet another initiative in our fine state from our tax-avenging crusader.  Just like in previous editions, the “kitchen sink” approach collides with the “single subject” clause in the State Constitution.