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A side note for your entertainment:  Over the course of building this website, I’ve managed to collect quite a few (over 100) photographs I have taken over the years and have put on the home page banner.  If you need some visual renewal, just refresh the home page (press F5) .  Hope you enjoy them.

August  2021:

Welcome to the “dog days” of summer.  Hope you’re keeping cool.  Here in our normally temperate neck of the woods (the Pacific Northwest), where we’ve been so accustomed to mild summers that hardly anyone has air conditioning, we suffered through an extraordinary spate of heat waves.  The first, in June, pushed temps up to 109 at my house and even hotter in southern Washington State and Oregon.  It truly is unreal and truly is a symptom of human-caused endeavors (especially the burning of fossil fuels).  There’s no ifs, ands, or buts or “chinese hoaxes” about it.  Even with the widespread wildfires and droughts, there are still deniers, but when harvests dwindle, refugees flood cooler areas and goverments and economies get in trouble, it will be hard to hide.  So, frankly, get on board to help work on the issue or shut up.

Last month I spoke of progress on the vaccination front.  But, thanks to Trumpers, evangelicals and conspiracy-theorist believers, we’re in trouble again with rising case loads, especially among those not vaccinated.  Fox News-OAN-NewsMax-right-wing-radio is poison, they are complicit in the disinformation that gives their glossy-eyed adherents reason to do nothing.  Not surprisingly, they’re a big portion of those dying and getting sick – and so our are kids. 

So get the damn jab!  And for you proclaiming “freedom”, as a defense to not get vaccinated, you must really mean “freedom to spread disease”.  Fine – get tested every week then.  Until then, you can shut up about it.

I entered some cartoons in the famous Homer Davenport Cartoon Festival in Silverton, Oregon .  Sad to say I didn’t get in the money or ribbons this year, but – oh, well.  I can always boast of the ribbons I got the past two years.  I’ll work on my pencils again and post when I get them crafted.  (We enjoyed Silverton’s festival.)

When the weather cools and/or I get my groove back, you’ll see some more cartoons.  I’m going to start taking a stab at commentary on a more regular basis; the insipid posts on Facebook are really wearing me down and this will be a good alternative.  The world may not be any saner, but hopefully I can add some insight to it for your reading enjoyment.

Stay safe. Stay cool.  Enjoy summer!

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