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October 2021:

Well, hello again.  I must confess I have been taking some time off from the website, drawing cartoons and commenting, frankly because it feels like “sensory overload” with all the crazy crap being spewed all over.  I think I’m ready to jump back in – albeit gingerly.

Last month I spoke of progress on the vaccination front.  Yes, there are still those who think that barking their disease-laden spittle where they want (without a mask) is an element of “freedom”; and lately “mandates” of vaccinations are taking place.  Of course there are howls, inconvenience is being conflated with oppression, people (but overall, not many) are leaving their jobs over it.  I have one word:  Bye.   Mom said “nobody owes you a living” and at the end of the day, if your employer mandates it, you do it.

Our nation’s history has been awash with public health crises; from smallpox during the Revolutionary War (Washington demanded his troops be vaccinated), to the flu epidemic of 1918, to polio, measles, pertussis and now Covid.  Every time, research, science and intelligent people have answered the call, preserving public health and the strength of the nation.  Yup, there’s bumps, but overall, they’re miniscule compared to the death, injury and suffering that has been prevented or mitigated.

So much of this pandemic’s consequences could have been prevented or reduced with decisive action over a year ago, as well as an effort by folks to understand as much as they can about their actions to help prevent spread, vaccines, and other public health measures.  Sometimes it’s just a couple extra clicks to LEGITIMATE (emphasis mine) websites.  Instead, we have rumors of vaccines made with fetal cells (no), Covid being just like the flu (no), and other nonsense.  Sheesh.

So imagine the old roadside Burma Shave signs (younger folks may have to Google this):

Trump lost.

Wear a mask.

Get a jab.

Shut up.

Enjoy autumn – a most exciting season!

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