February 20, 2024:

Back from a well-deserved hiatus in warmer climates. Now that I’m back to 44 degrees and rain, it’s time to draw and comment again. (I promise to put some warmer Caribbean photos on the banner of the website, too.) There’s one new cartoon on the cartoon page; hopefully the courts will keep kicking Trump in the groin to get to his wallet so maybe he’ll change. But that’s really doubtful. They say President’s Day is becoming more irrelevant; cheeto jeezus really makes it that way.

Some cartoon history for the first couple months:

I was honored to be featured on the AAEC website last Saturday, Jan. 13. You should visit there and support them. www.editorialcartoonists.com

January 17: Three drown while crossing the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass; the Texas Department of Public Safety blocks the Border Patrol from saving them. Later, they said, “that’s ok, they were dead already anyway.” Gov. Abbott says in a right-wing talk radio show, “we’d shoot them, but we’d be charged with murder.” Duh. Problem is, the white Texas Republicans think they’re so much closer to God than darker-skinned people, they completely lose perspective of compassion, dignity and thrive on dehumanization. It’s a fundamental trait of Trumpism.

January 15: Escambia School District in Florida bans dictionaries and encyclopedias from their shelves; while they claim they are “under review” there’s no timeline for their return. How the hell do kids in Florida read and write? (Hint: maybe that’s the plan, Trump said he loves the “uneducated.” (A follow-up: while visiting Grand Turk, my wife and I met a woman and her husband who were both educators in the aforementioned school district. A homespun take is that she was from Washington State initially and had moved there. I asked about the “book bans”; she said they have straightened that issue out. I hope so, fascists, populists and conservatives (which can be used interchangeably more and more) would just as soon keep you angry as well as stupid.

January 10: Stanley Cup confusion, Taylor Swift football draw, as an attempt to add a little humor (especially since I’m cooped up due to the weather).

January 6 is the anniversary of the attack on our democracy.

I can remember walking with my wife at a park when I heard of the events unfolding.

I was unspeakably angry, ready to deck any Republican I saw – if I could only find one.

I still am angry, and will be til the end of my days. I understand anger is not healthy, but I will channel it int he best, most helpful ways I can.

This was a dress rehearsal for authoritarians who would love to enrich themselves, have poisoned our relationships with each other and say to hell with your freedom. As Liz Cheney said, “There are no bystanders in this fight.” If you want to be ruled by them, then go on about your business.

If you don’t, better get ready for a fight, because they’re not stopping until they rule, unchecked. And never forget January 6 – it’s just the rehearsal.

Thanks for tuning in.