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January 1, 2022:

Happy New Year!  The annual tradition of reflection and renewal is no different here; I’ll try to keep the website updated a little more often, read a little more, spout off some commentary, draw more cartoons, lose weight, eat better, yada yada yada…  next thing you know it will be summer – which will be time for hiking, which I plan on doing more of as well.

A few thoughts; the first on this insipid rallying cry of Trumpers called “Let’s Go Brandon” – initiated by a NASCAR race where the crowd was chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” (not sure what that had to do with the race), and in a desperate attempt to restore some dignity on air, the television announcer re-directed with the suggestion that perhaps they were cheering Brandon Brown, a driver in the race.  It’s become somewhat of a merchandising scam, code-wording a euphemism like a seventh-grader bragging about his boner (back in the junior high days, it was known as a “got one”) and putting it on sweatshirts and stocking caps.   (Because, you know, there’s nothing like celebrating Christmas by giving a gift that offers a code-word for “fuck you.”)  What a sad-sack bag of sorry bastards – and even Brandon Brown is miffed.

I just say “Fuck Trump”.  It needs no code and is so much easier.

Bummer – Betty White died on New Year’s Eve.  What a great life.  Best cartoon I’ve seen is by Marshall Ramsey,  depicting Betty entering the pearly gates and St. Peter stating that  “living to 99 and being referred as dying too young” certainly makes light of the value of dignity, humor and fairness she represented.  We’ll miss her.  Give some dough to a local humane society on her birthday Jan. 17; she was an advocate for animals.

At the risk of using the shopworn “end of the year” trope, it has been a pretty wacky year.  Treasonists and traitors, led by their ideological leader, started the year off by attempting a coup.  725 of them have charged or gone to jail, but not the most important one – Trump – who masterminded this in an apparent attempt to install his own oligarchy.  Don’t think for a minute that they are done, folks, it’s just in slow motion and a little more camouflaged (see the second paragraph).  Call bullshit on any elected official who dismisses this or suggests otherwise; they don’t represent a free country and in fact, threaten it with their ambivalence.  And you better be ready to fight back.

Ghislane Maxwell is convicted; I hope she sings like a bird and nails Trump and other captains of wealth and industry as participants in the Epstein child-sex empire in exchange for saving her bacon.   Maybe then the Q-nuts will shut up and Trump ends up in prison where he belongs.  It certainly dispels the notion often assigned to the poor and poorly educated that they are the ones lacking in moral clarity – the wealthy can be wicked; if not more so because of the delegation of their deeds.

Omicron is the latest variant vogue, and rightfully so; it’s highly contagious but seems to be bit less damaging than others.   NOTE:  It’s still Covid, so don’t lighten up.  Some researchers think the eventually the bug will become endemic; the mutation is in part due to a meet-up with other coronaviruses, some of which cause the common cold. –  Think of it copulating with it’s cousins, brothers and sisters (maybe like some of those “Let’s Go Brandon” folks) until it becomes sterile and ineffective.

Be safe,  be thankful (New Years Day is somewhat like Thanksgiving) and help each other out – there’s too much going on out there to ignore it – and :::clink::: here’s to another New Year!

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