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A side note for your entertainment:  Over the course of building this website, I’ve managed to collect quite a few (over 100) photographs I have taken over the years and have put on the home page banner.  If you need some visual renewal, just refresh the home page (press F5) .  Hope you enjoy them.

July 2021:

I have been remiss, I must confess (and apologize) in updating my web page; part of it is frankly some spring/summer burnout as well as the brutal heat that visited us last week.

There’s good news on the pandemic front, many places are opening, but there’s an air of caution.  Disparate places like Northern Missouri and the Yukon are suffering outbreaks, the former through ignorance and the latter through a small cluster of unvaccinated youths whose outbreak spread.  We’re not out of the woods.  The interesting/tragic thing is nearly all of the latest deaths are from the unvaccinated.  So get the damn jab!

I entered some cartoons in the famous Homer Davenport Cartoon Festival in Silverton, Oregon this August; I’ve placed in the People’s Choice awards the past two years and hopefully again this year.  (We’re actually going to Silverton to enjoy the festival, too!)

When the weather cools and/or I get my groove back, you’ll see some more cartoons; I may even start some political commentary.  The world may not be any saner, but at least one big insipid element of it who is striving to stay relevant (and out of jail) – being Trump, is fading from view.

Stay safe. Stay cool.  Enjoy summer!

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