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Here’s the archive room for my cartoons.  Enjoy!

(6/6/2020):  A revisit:  It’s tough to run against a government employee, especially when they have the advantage of a taxpayer-paid in-kind contribution in the lights, heat, telephone, and computers in their office.  I figure it’s at least a $25,000 benefit.  You’re deluding yourself if you think they don’t use it.

(6/2/2020):  So Bill Barr and Donald Trump are blaming “Antifa” on the civil unrest, when systemic racism and police brutality are in plain sight.  If you’re against fascism, you’re automatically a member.

(5/15/2020):  Who calls the shots on public health?  Perhaps campaign donors.

(5/19/2020):  Please, don’t listen to Donald Trump dispense medical advice.  The guy can’t even wipe his ass without help; and neither can his supporters:

(5/20/2020):  In yet another boneheaded, politically motivated decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court allows for quarantine and other medically-based restrictions to be tossed out.  Oh, well, it plays well in Waukesha (cough)……

(5/25/2020):  State capitals experience “freedom” protests, mostly by right-wing organizations and white supremacist groups.  How many got sick from them?

(5/25/2020):  Donald Trump, in yet another attempt at tossing shiny objects to distract, uses a conflicting, in coherent presser saying he will fire The Who.

(4/17/2020: ) So it looks like Trump, with a tweet of “liberate” (name the state) has called for insurrection.  I’m not sure everyone will follow suit.

(4/16/2020):  The Post Office, hamstrung by a mandate for front-fund health coverage and pensions, apparently will run out of cash by June.  So let’s bail out the cruise ship industry, who evades U.S. taxes by registering in Panama and the Bahamas.

(4/15/2020):  The residential building industry is insisting they can “safely” maintain social distancing if their work is allowed to continue.  Well, if you’ve ever been on a job site with the shared saws, tools, scaffolds and portable toilets, the argument is invalid.  What they do have is political contributions, and sadly, most of our electeds here will bend over for them.


(3/25/2020):  On a lighter note; my wife and I are birders and we’re lucky to have a wetland out back that supports many types:  ducks, jays, chickadees, doves, woodpeckers, flickers and the ubitquitous junco, that enjoys our plentiful feeders.  With our current confinement and feeding habits, though we may have to lay off a bit.  😀

(3/22/2020):  A wild couple weeks with an angry bug sweeping the world.  What better time than to draw cartoons!  Here are a few:

The phenomenon of hoarding toilet paper escapes me.  It seems like crisis is an excuse for everyone to need more, except maybe for those who need it most:

Schools, being closed, are trying online classes or contact over the phone.  Our local district has been ahead of the game, all of the kids have laptops and connections as part of the overall curriculum – although some may not get with the new program:

With the continuing directives of “social distancing” and “self-isolation” in response to the virus epidemic, it seems I have an “incredible shrinking front door”.  You can use the back door, but head out only if you must and keep your distance.


This really makes me angry.  At least four U.S. Senators (Inhofe – OK, Loeffler – GA, Burr-NC and Feinstein-CA, the first three R’s and one D) cashed in on the intelligence briefing of the coronoavirus, dumping stocks.  Burr even briefed wealthy donors with the inside information prior to the public.  You can write and tell them how you feel, just make sure you use the salutation “The Honorable” (sarcasm).   Our United States Congress is infected with weasels, whores and maggots – and this is emblematic of it.


(3/2/2020):  After a nice road trip vacation, my pencils missed me.

The Super Tuesday results are in:  cue the recycled Hunter Biden dirt in 3, 2, 1, …..

(2/11/20):  It’s tough to run against a government employee, especially when they have the in-kind contribution of taxpayer-paid heat, lights,  and office.

(2/10/20):  Emboldened by acquittal, the destruction of democracy and raiding of the treasury continues.  Just keep tossing shiny objects to distract folks.

(1/29/20):  The bombshell draft of Bolton’s book is out; it will be interesting if Senate Republicans will take notice.  I hear there’s audiobook editions and braille.  😀

(1/26/20):  Still healing up from some minor surgery and the fog is starting to clear.  Here’s a take on recent baseball news; it appears Jones, in his World Series aspirations, is going about things the wrong way.  Apparently so were the Astros.

(12/30/19):  I never have understood the relationship between the lies and immorality of Trump and the evangelicals, but pardon me if I don’t step foot in your church for a while.

(12/20/19):  I may have to try this on my dandelions next spring.  It may be cheaper than buying the real thing.

(12/20/19):  How much nicer it would be if we just picked up after ourselves.  They can’t do it on their own.

(12/8/2019):  So out of nowhere (but presumably, possibly, while sitting on the pot at 2 a.m. tweeting), Dear Leader says we waste water by flushing too much.  The metaphor is way too “ripe” to resist.  Make sure to use some air freshener!

(12/5/2019):  An apt metaphor for current political discourse.

(12/2/2019):  Yet another initiative in our fine state from our tax-avenging crusader.  Just like in previous editions, the “kitchen sink” approach collides with the “single subject” clause in the State Constitution.



Our fair city has struggled with homelessness, tents pitched on sidewalks and parks, and out in the County there are plenty of vacant lots dotted with the down and out.  One answer was to give developers a eight and twelve year tax credit for building “multi-family” dwellings; however some of them will have the “affordable” rent of over $2,200 a month (according to an article from the Tacoma News Tribune.  Maybe there’s a failure in capitalism, eh?

Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s exercise in white nationalism reaches the classroom.  I don’t see how any ICE agent could have a conscience.  Maybe they don’t.

So the Supreme Court has decided to postpone any action on the review and disclosure of Donald Trump’s tax returns.  I wonder aloud if they’ve been bought by the Russians as well.  All hell should break loose if they have.  Meanwhile, two cartoons address the issue of Trump strategy:


(11/2/19):  Our favorite Alaskan Govenor (no, it’s not Sarah Palin although some may miss her after Mike Dunleavy is done) has done such a good job at starving out the state that now the ferry system is failing.  Two boats, the Aurora and LeConte, are undergoing repairs, but – lo and behold, there’s not enough money to fix them both!  So Gustavus, Pelican, Angoon and Tenakee – all villages, like the Southeast, predominantly “blue” in political leanings, get the brunt – with ALL ferry service cut off for the winter.  It’s great punishment, but fits right in line with the Trump farm team – punish districts that don’t support you.  This is the Governor who cut funding for the Alaska Supreme Court after they issued a decision that he didn’t like.

(10/15/19):  Our local loudmouth talk radio host stepped in it when a trailer was inadvertantly parked in front of a Seattle City Council member’s home.  Of course, the more fang-bearing folks in the city jumped all over it, including KIRO; someone spray painted the trailer, a KIRO reporter rummaged through it, Dori Monson thought it was “great” on Twitter with all of it, until it was discovered it was a struggling couple who parked it there, a totally random choice, until they could get their act (with help) in making it a home at an RV Park.  The couple were threatened, KIRO has egg on it’s face, and Monson shamelessly tried to “make nice” with the couple by giving them $100 and nudging “no hard feelings” to them on the air.  I have a better idea.  Maybe big mouths with microphones ought to STFU until they find out what’s happening – and that goes for their reporters and KIRO in general.  This whole  fiasco really sucks, and KIRO has done most of it.

(10/10/19):  Some don’t know what “post no bills” means.  Well, around my locale, nothing not moving is fair game.  Lately, it’s been those “I’ll buy your house” vulture real estate people, but garage and yard sales are prevalent, too.

(9/8/19):  It’s been a while since I posted (having the nerve to take some time off over the summer), so here’s a bundle.

Here’s a few for my friends in Alaska who are suffering from the Trump farm team under Gov. Dunleavy.  No doubt, slumping oil prices have dented Alaska’s budget, but the ferry, education and other service cutbacks makes it look like Brownback’s Kansas – and that didn’t work either.  A recall effort is underway.

There’s a lot of pompous, sanctimonious and awful talk radio personalities out there, we have one out of Seattle.  It doesn’t matter what he says (and sometimes, when I can stand to listen, I agree in part) but-that-voice.  I tune out the Seahawks’ halftime commentary for the same reason.

Our friends in Oregon had a contentious legislative session; Republicans, upset over a proposed carbon tax bill, left the state.  One even said that cops that anyone coming to bring him back to Salem (i.e., State Police) better have flak jackets and be single – inferring violence.  Sheesh.

Trump-inspired tweets are a dog-whistle to racists and calls to action to mass shooters.  There I said it.  Several other cartoons have expressed this more succinctly

Jesse and Earl are confused by both hurricane Dorian and “sharpiegate”.  Which way should they go?

Washington State GOP House Leader J.T. Wilcox has a quandary, one of his colleagues from Spokane has been emailing correspondence with white-nationalist and fundamentalist groups in the area that train with weapons – presumably to kill people – in a pending “Christian war”.  Matt Shea has also collaborated in (in what a typical conservative vernacular calls “just joking”) conversations of the planning of violence on political opponents.  Sorry to shit on Mr. Wilcox’s annual event, but this one smells – and should smell here as well.


(7/11/19):  Jeffrey Epstein has put a new spin on the profile of pedophile.  I wonder how many other of his wealthy brethren are complicit?

(6/29/19):  Two cartoons, all in the subject matter of the criminal, immoral and disgusting treatment of children at our border.  If you’re a Trump supporter, all I have to ask is “What the f— is wrong with you?”

(6/21/19):  The secret of the Trump Administration decision-making is revealed.  Take a spin then tweet.

(5/31/19):  More tariff madness from the Trump kakistocracy.  Tariffs address nothing (except maybe indulge bluster), raise prices and tank markets due to uncertainty.  But I’ve come to expect it from this ding-a-ling.  (NEW:  This cartoon was selected the “People’s Choice” 1st Place at the Homer Davenport Cartoon Festival in Silverton, Oregon last August!  Woot Woot!)

(5/25/19):  After reading an NPR article (link is provided below), the irony struck me – we can all be refugees, albeit with different reasons.

(5/24/19):  Amtrak 501’s inaugural run ended in tragedy, the result of a critical mass of a hurried rollout and bad judgement.    The NTSB has complete their report and changes have been implemented; that doesn’t stop our local State Senator from trying to form a “legislative committee” to veto new transit proposals.  It’s a dumb idea, it assumes legislators have the expertise (doubtful) and puts too much power in their hands as a result.  Perhaps the legislature should clean their own house first and deal with the white supremacist in their midst who is advocating violence first (“bloodshed or Liberty”, indeed).

(5/21/19):  A bit of humor.  Ned was a skeptic at heart, but his embrace of idioms was becoming problematic.

(5/19/19):  Amidst all the Alabama Abortion Law coverage is the recently passed Georgia law, which is no better.  It creates a “conspiracy” charge for women who wish to leave the state to obtain an abortion, as well as anyone who helps them.  It effectively codifies women in Georgia as property of the state.  Let freedom ring, eh?

(5/11/19):  The meat-ax approach to tariffs by the Trump administration hurts consumers with higher prices, damages corporate supply chains, devastates farmers and domestic manufacturers who can’t sell their products overseas.  Finesse is involved, however the lack of competency with this administration negates that, so we effectively have a “Trump tax” with the sleight-of-hand of a pickpocket.

(4/19/19):  In a rather insipid and tactless floor speech, Sen. Walsh of Walla Walla (R – Trump Farm Team) characterizes nurses as “spending most of their time playing cards”.  The nurses aren’t taking it kindly.  No word if Walsh will continue her stand-up routine, conflating cops with donuts, firefighters with driving fire trucks to the store and migrants being evil (oh, wait, that’s a GOP platform plank).  If she don’t get it with what nurses do, she should get out.

(4/18/19):  Gov. Dunleavy’s ferry cuts, only this time affecting the SW Alaska route.  They’re just as vulnerable, maybe more so.

(4/10/19):  We’re growing fast here, and things are getting unmanageable.  Zoning is always contentious, I’ve always wondered if there was a study to juxtapose campaign contributions with how things pan out.

(4/1/19)  My friends in Alaska are experiencing the Trump farm team with their new Gov. Dunleavy.  He promised a lot, and has changed his tune, including eliminating the ferry system – the lifeblood of the coastal communities.  Here’s what Alaska would look like if eliminating the ferry system was compared to the road system.

(4/1/19) The Department of Homeland Security resigns.  Or is fired. Who knows.  The complaint from Trump is she wasn’t “tough enough.”

Our Governor, has considered throwing his hat in the ring as a candidate for President in 2020, with climate change as his major theme.  It may be a good thing, without dealing with it, all the other points may be moot.

Our idiot-in-chief manufactures a partial government shutdown for his ego-driven piece of work, the “wall”.  This pretty much sums up the logic.

Nancy Pelosi, now Speaker of the House, currently has more balls than any man in the White House.  There was a song by the Ozark Mtn. Daredevils, with apologies to them, I stole a line that kind of sets the stage.

You’d be hard pressed to find more of a racist piece of work in Congress than Steve King from Iowa.  Thankfully (I think), the GOP leadership gave him a slap on the wrist, taking away his committee assignments for his insipid comments.  I  only hope Iowa voters can make a perform a more substantial act.

(1/25/19):  The shutdown continues and federal employees (air traffic controllers, Coast Guard, food inspectors, courts) aren’t getting paid.   Something to consider before you eat, drink, boat – or fly.

So 45 thinks “walls” work.  Like the one in San Antonio.  Local must be wondering if they’ve missed something (SA is over 150 miles away from the border).

I read an NPR.org article recently, it said 129 people have filed to run for President in 2020 (and the article was from May 2017!).  Over 1,700 ran for President in 2016; in my estimation 1,699 of them would have been better that the buffoon we’ve ended up with.

(12/3/18):  So the Pentagon has elected to conduct audits of military spending, but found the abyss so deep they’re not sure they could ever find the money.

(12/1/18):  Ever caught yourself heading into a curve a little hot?  Remember to:

(12/5/18):  Winter’s coming.  Remember, even though we all can probably get moving in the snow, when it comes to stopping and sliding, we’re all equals.

(12/6/18):  In many states (including my home) the hurdle for passing school bonds is 60%.  The issue dates back to World War II when property taxes were really high to help pay for the war effort.  It’s time to put it in line with everything else.  Ironically, it puts decision makers (school boards) and constituents working closer together.

(11/18/18):  So 45 goes to California with a litany of insults, attacks, and assortment of insipid statements (raking leaves, indeed).  Perhaps he should have listened to the locals and stayed home.

(11/17/18):  An open question on our obesity and health issues.  (Yes, there’s some irony here, I visited Dick’s Drive In yesterday – but it’s a rare occurrence for me, and I was in the neighborhood).  😀

(11/16/18):  Wish I could win the Lotto, maybe I could purchase one from the Trump / GOP enterprise.

(10/21/18):  Get the paint out.  Colors may be changing.

(10/20/18):  Outrage over Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi’s murder by Saudi agents hits home with journalists and should with others; too bad our so-called commander in chief struggles with his own moral caliber over it.

(9/24/18):  Rod Rosenstein’s alleged comments spurred me to revive this cartoon; perhaps he could have been the one who ordered this.

(9/18/18):  With virtually unchecked development over the past 40 years, Pierce County now wonders what we should do about our road system.  Maybe if they asked in 1977.

(9/12/18):  I can recycle this cartoon with every iteration and amendment of the I-5 construction through Tacoma; the result is the same – confusion.

(7/11/18):  So Trump, at the urging of Rep. Greg Walden and other campaign contributors, pardons the Hammonds.  Next time he wants to remind us of the ‘rule of law’, remind him he just pardoned arsonists.


(7/11/18):  Somehow, incarcerating children was purported to be “biblical.”  Won’t find me in their church anytime soon.

(7/11/18):  After a month-long vacation, I’ve dusted off the pencils and pens again.  I found that driving and drawing don’t mix…  Inspired by a sign I saw on a mid-western freeway at 80 mph, so I don’t know if it was spelled correctly or not – but it sure gave some ideas!


(6/8/2018):  Outtakes from the Trump University Curriculum.

(5/25/18):  Nothing can be louder than the sound of a dog-whistle word slamming a mind shut.

(5/25/18):  Don’t just read/watch one thing to validate your prejudices, read a lot.  You may say others are biased, but you won’t know if you don’t expand your horizons.


(5/25/18):  The NFL bows to Trump, and in the interest of celebrating freedom, will stifle dissent.

(5/17/18):  It’s baffling to me to hear of polls and news reports of evangelical Christians flocking to a lying, unethical womanizer and charlatan as their hope and leader.  Frankly, in many eyes it makes the church a caricature of Trump.


(6/8/2018):  Outtakes from the Trump University Curriculum.

(5/25/18):  Nothing can be louder than the sound of a dog-whistle word slamming a mind shut.

(5/25/18):  Don’t just read/watch one thing to validate your prejudices, read a lot.  You may say others are biased, but you won’t know if you don’t expand your horizons.


(5/25/18):  The NFL bows to Trump, and in the interest of celebrating freedom, will stifle dissent.

(5/17/18):  It’s baffling to me to hear of polls and news reports of evangelical Christians flocking to a lying, unethical womanizer and charlatan as their hope and leader.  Frankly, in many eyes it makes the church a caricature of Trump.

(5/7/18):  With a multitude of unforced errors, the Trump administration doesn’t have to jump very high to make something look successful.

(5/7/18):  Press relations are at an all time low.  A lot of it is self-inflicted.

(4/29/18):  Poor Melania – the video of the Dumpster trying to hold her hand during a state visit is painful to watch.  I hope she kicks his philandering ass.

(4/26/18):  Back at it after being off for a while.  The Tiki Apartments are some low-income housing in Tacoma that have been bought.  The first thing the new owners did was evict all of the tenants with 20 days notice under the premise of remodeling.  It may need remodeling, but the abrupt evictions of a vulnerable population (many are disabled on on limited incomes) creates the question of the morality of doing so.  To it’s credit the Tacoma City Council held an emergency meeting to extend evictions to 90 days.  And you wonder where we get homeless camps.

(4/2/18):  Sinclair Broadcasting has issued an edict for their local reporters to repeat the corporate mantra.  Not only is this bad for journalism, but bad for freedom.  Local producers can now check their professionalism out at the door when working for this outfit.  (Psst… the FCC is about the award them more stations, making it about 230 – in 80 markets.)

(4/1/18):  Imagine if we had to consumer our modern-day news the old-fashioned way – head to a news stand and buy it!  It may look like this (and the papers very small and devoid of content):

(3/31/18):  The Facebook / Cambridge Analytica connection, explained.   A popular meme posted lately:  “I gave Facebook all my data and all I got was this lousy president.”  😀

(3/27/18):  An inside joke about hiking (and elevation gain) with my wife.  Hikers and backpackers can relate.

(3/27/18):  The opioid epidemic is hitting here, like many areas of the country, and we need to keep all of the avenues we can open to get addicts into treatment.  Although none have even been proposed, my own Pierce County is looking to ban the so-called “safe injection sites” that are another path to treatment.  Our elected needs to talk, listen and think about this – the quandary just gets worse if we take options off the table in the name of political grandstanding.

(3/19/18):  My home County is known for chasing it’s tail in thinking development will pay for itself, another manifestation of that occurred this winter – 18 acres of Garry Oak bulldozed.  Oh yes, there’s “mitigation” but the critters will have to just find some other place.  Jeez.

(3/18/18):  The madness of the king continues.  Here’s the latest delivery to the White House:

(3/5/18):  The Georgia Legislature ain’t foolin’ around, mess with our buddies at the NRA and we’ll our best to punish our economy…  😀

…and others may call it this.  I do.

(3/5/18):  Rents and affordable housing are hot topics; rising rents and housing prices are an issue in my home town as well.

..and as well as the Bay Area, where even a living wage cannot keep up with rents and housing prices:


(2/26/18)  Our State Legislature can be agonizingly slow in the work of the peoples’ business, but in this case, only four days from introduction to passage  was needed to get a bill to the governor to seal public records for legislator contacts and correspondence.  It’s ugly, and needs a thorough explanation from every legislator that was part of it.  Here’s two takes on it:

(2/24/18) Some brave and articulate kids descended on the Florida state capitol to talk about gun safety and gun control.  After all, they lost quite a few of their classmates.  In response, the Florida state legislature mandated “In God We Trust” signs be placed in every school.  Maybe they’ll need to be used.

(2/23/18)  The House GOP guts provisions in the Americans with Disabilities Act, under the premise of “drive by lawyers” the burden is now on the disabled to file a complaint about non-accommodation.  Up to 180 days in response is allowed.

(2/17/18):  Scratched out hurriedly after seeing an egregious false link on social media, and one passing it off as truth – it happens too much.

(2/16/18):  A vexing issue on two fronts.

(2/16/18);  A fair question, why does the director of the VA have to go to London, Denmark, and Wimbledon?

(2/16/18):  Have to pay for those tax cuts somewhere.  Welcome to government beans.

(2/15/18):  Trump’s sequel to “The Art of The Deal”.   Sounds like a genius with this episode!

(2/7/18):  ….applicable to family gatherings and social media as well.

(2/7/18)  Based upon personal experience.

(2/5/18):  Markets are often driven by sentiment, hunches and what Alan Greenspan called “irrational exuberance,”, so it’s tough when corrections and fundamentals kick in, displacing the hot air.

(1/31/18):  Looky here!  Super Pacs are stocking up again.

(1/29/18):  Assessing priorities during the State of the Union address.

(1/22/18):  A working class diner food review.

(1/12/18)  With the glitch on the website repaired, here’s a series of cartoons from the past week:

The now infamous “sh*thole” comments from our “sh*thole”-mouthed president is creating downstream consequences:

…the president asked why we can’t get “more from Norway?”  Well, they don’t want to come here either.

The House passed the renewal of Section 702 of FISA last week.  No, it’s not a tax law, it’s essentially the allowing of mass surveillance (remember Edward Snowden?)  Don’t worry, no rights will be harmed in the renewal of this act.  Trust us.

Wal-Mart announces raises for it’s employees – they say as a result of the tax cut; they also close 63 Sam’s Club stores and will lay off up to 10,000 as well.  Is that part of the tax cut, too?

(12/23/17):  The GOP end game is cheaper, unregulated medical insurance.  “Vaporware” insurance is what got ACA started in the first place.

(12/23/17):  The GOP tax scam is all a matter of perspective.

(12/19/17):  The Republican dictionary has some new additions.  Maybe it’s semantics, but maybe it’s the cash.

(12/19/17):  Looks like more and more dead people “commented”.  Maybe that kid from the “Sixth Sense” movie can see them.  #FCC  #Netneutrality

(12/3/17):  More reruns from the Republican channel.

(11.29/17):  We’ve had a few interesting local City and County Council meetings in the past few weeks.  I used to chair school board and other meetings and had a few doozies myself!