Editorial and Political Cartoons Archive

Here’s the archive room for my cartoons.  Enjoy!

(6/8/2018):  Outtakes from the Trump University Curriculum.

(5/25/18):  Nothing can be louder than the sound of a dog-whistle word slamming a mind shut.

(5/25/18):  Don’t just read/watch one thing to validate your prejudices, read a lot.  You may say others are biased, but you won’t know if you don’t expand your horizons.


(5/25/18):  The NFL bows to Trump, and in the interest of celebrating freedom, will stifle dissent.

(5/17/18):  It’s baffling to me to hear of polls and news reports of evangelical Christians flocking to a lying, unethical womanizer and charlatan as their hope and leader.  Frankly, in many eyes it makes the church a caricature of Trump.

(5/7/18):  With a multitude of unforced errors, the Trump administration doesn’t have to jump very high to make something look successful.

(5/7/18):  Press relations are at an all time low.  A lot of it is self-inflicted.

(4/29/18):  Poor Melania – the video of the Dumpster trying to hold her hand during a state visit is painful to watch.  I hope she kicks his philandering ass.

(4/26/18):  Back at it after being off for a while.  The Tiki Apartments are some low-income housing in Tacoma that have been bought.  The first thing the new owners did was evict all of the tenants with 20 days notice under the premise of remodeling.  It may need remodeling, but the abrupt evictions of a vulnerable population (many are disabled on on limited incomes) creates the question of the morality of doing so.  To it’s credit the Tacoma City Council held an emergency meeting to extend evictions to 90 days.  And you wonder where we get homeless camps.

(4/2/18):  Sinclair Broadcasting has issued an edict for their local reporters to repeat the corporate mantra.  Not only is this bad for journalism, but bad for freedom.  Local producers can now check their professionalism out at the door when working for this outfit.  (Psst… the FCC is about the award them more stations, making it about 230 – in 80 markets.)

(4/1/18):  Imagine if we had to consumer our modern-day news the old-fashioned way – head to a news stand and buy it!  It may look like this (and the papers very small and devoid of content):

(3/31/18):  The Facebook / Cambridge Analytica connection, explained.   A popular meme posted lately:  “I gave Facebook all my data and all I got was this lousy president.”  😀

(3/27/18):  An inside joke about hiking (and elevation gain) with my wife.  Hikers and backpackers can relate.

(3/27/18):  The opioid epidemic is hitting here, like many areas of the country, and we need to keep all of the avenues we can open to get addicts into treatment.  Although none have even been proposed, my own Pierce County is looking to ban the so-called “safe injection sites” that are another path to treatment.  Our elected needs to talk, listen and think about this – the quandary just gets worse if we take options off the table in the name of political grandstanding.

(3/19/18):  My home County is known for chasing it’s tail in thinking development will pay for itself, another manifestation of that occurred this winter – 18 acres of Garry Oak bulldozed.  Oh yes, there’s “mitigation” but the critters will have to just find some other place.  Jeez.

(3/18/18):  The madness of the king continues.  Here’s the latest delivery to the White House:

(3/5/18):  The Georgia Legislature ain’t foolin’ around, mess with our buddies at the NRA and we’ll our best to punish our economy…  😀

…and others may call it this.  I do.

(3/5/18):  Rents and affordable housing are hot topics; rising rents and housing prices are an issue in my home town as well.

..and as well as the Bay Area, where even a living wage cannot keep up with rents and housing prices:


(2/26/18)  Our State Legislature can be agonizingly slow in the work of the peoples’ business, but in this case, only four days from introduction to passage  was needed to get a bill to the governor to seal public records for legislator contacts and correspondence.  It’s ugly, and needs a thorough explanation from every legislator that was part of it.  Here’s two takes on it:

(2/24/18) Some brave and articulate kids descended on the Florida state capitol to talk about gun safety and gun control.  After all, they lost quite a few of their classmates.  In response, the Florida state legislature mandated “In God We Trust” signs be placed in every school.  Maybe they’ll need to be used.

(2/23/18)  The House GOP guts provisions in the Americans with Disabilities Act, under the premise of “drive by lawyers” the burden is now on the disabled to file a complaint about non-accommodation.  Up to 180 days in response is allowed.

(2/17/18):  Scratched out hurriedly after seeing an egregious false link on social media, and one passing it off as truth – it happens too much.

(2/16/18):  A vexing issue on two fronts.

(2/16/18);  A fair question, why does the director of the VA have to go to London, Denmark, and Wimbledon?

(2/16/18):  Have to pay for those tax cuts somewhere.  Welcome to government beans.

(2/15/18):  Trump’s sequel to “The Art of The Deal”.   Sounds like a genius with this episode!

(2/7/18):  ….applicable to family gatherings and social media as well.

(2/7/18)  Based upon personal experience.

(2/5/18):  Markets are often driven by sentiment, hunches and what Alan Greenspan called “irrational exuberance,”, so it’s tough when corrections and fundamentals kick in, displacing the hot air.

(1/31/18):  Looky here!  Super Pacs are stocking up again.

(1/29/18):  Assessing priorities during the State of the Union address.

(1/22/18):  A working class diner food review.

(1/12/18)  With the glitch on the website repaired, here’s a series of cartoons from the past week:

The now infamous “sh*thole” comments from our “sh*thole”-mouthed president is creating downstream consequences:

…the president asked why we can’t get “more from Norway?”  Well, they don’t want to come here either.

The House passed the renewal of Section 702 of FISA last week.  No, it’s not a tax law, it’s essentially the allowing of mass surveillance (remember Edward Snowden?)  Don’t worry, no rights will be harmed in the renewal of this act.  Trust us.

Wal-Mart announces raises for it’s employees – they say as a result of the tax cut; they also close 63 Sam’s Club stores and will lay off up to 10,000 as well.  Is that part of the tax cut, too?

(12/23/17):  The GOP end game is cheaper, unregulated medical insurance.  “Vaporware” insurance is what got ACA started in the first place.

(12/23/17):  The GOP tax scam is all a matter of perspective.

(12/19/17):  The Republican dictionary has some new additions.  Maybe it’s semantics, but maybe it’s the cash.

(12/19/17):  Looks like more and more dead people “commented”.  Maybe that kid from the “Sixth Sense” movie can see them.  #FCC  #Netneutrality

(12/3/17):  More reruns from the Republican channel.

(11.29/17):  We’ve had a few interesting local City and County Council meetings in the past few weeks.  I used to chair school board and other meetings and had a few doozies myself!