The Addicted to Politics Journal

(1/1/2020):  Welcome to the New Year!  2020 blew in with a vengeance, the winds cancelled the fireworks display at the Space Needle in Seattle and they held a laser light show instead.  It would have been seen from the television on the couch here, with the qualification being if I was awake; it appears that 9 p.m. is the new midnight at my age.   All of my neighborhood yayhoos blew up their crap at midnight; it’s debatable whether everyone still has the same amount of fingers this morning.

.Welcome to 2020 and all the best.

(1/2/2020):  So the breaking news is that an U.S. airstrike has killed an Iranian commander while he’s in Baghdad.  It will (1) bring a dramatic escalation of violence in the region or (2) Iran will bluster, shout and pound their fists, then resume potshots – drone strikes, tanker shellings.  Either way, my take is that it’s a great case of “wag the dog” by Donald Trump to re-direct attention from domestic corruption and impeachment.

(1/3/2020):  An interesting analysis from the Business Insider (ranked as a mainstream news outlet) on the reasons Bush II and Obama didn’t take out the Iranian commander Soleimani.  (1) The repercussions were greater than the value of the target and (2) the target was better to follow and monitor to gather intelligence.  It provides more reason that our “stable genius”, with fewer competent advisors (who have quit) to counsel him, used this as a distraction from impeachment.

(1/4/2020):  The Iraqi Parliament has elected to tell all U.S. troops to get out of Iraqi.  Nothing like making a weak government grow a spine, eh?  The “stable genius” strikes again.