Hello, and welcome to my page.

I’m a lifelong Pierce County resident (save five years in Alaska and Oregon) and worked in the telecom industry for Pacific NW Bell, USWest, Mashell Telecom / Rainier Connect and Century Link (mostly in South Pierce County) and am now happily retired.

I’ve always been big into public service, having served on the Bethel School Board for 15 years, the Pierce County Planning Commission, as chair of the Graham Business Association, the Washington State Electrical Board, Community Economic Revitalization Board, and numerous other citizen and community committees. I am still quite outspoken on politics, public policy and local issues, just ask! 😀

In retirement, my wife and I have taken up day hikes, playing music together (mostly bluegrass and folk) and photography (there are over 100 random photos on the homepage banner). I also have taken up my original high school interest; writing, editorial cartooning and journalism (including book reviews). You’ll find them on my page; if the cartoons don’t make you mad, make you laugh or make you think, then I’m not doing my job.

You can visit the home page to my website at I have Facebook pages for myself and The Towns’ End as well, just look around and you’ll find them.

Please support (even join!) GBA, your local GBA members and local businesses. They comprise the lifeblood and vibrancy of our community.